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UP - Short Stories with Flashbacks

English Teaching Resources: UP (Short Stories with Flashbacks).  This unit of work is modelled on ideas from The Piano by Aidan Gibbons and will provide teachers with an alternative to this well loved piece. This sequence can be used as a stand-alone unit to examine the technique of flashbacks (Year 6 Unit 4) or as an extension to the unit on film narrative structure for Year 5 (Year 5 Unit 5). The animations need to be viewed a number of times before the lessons to support children in identifying the key themes of the texts and in considering personal responses to the text.

It is highly recommended that teachers use the DVD of the film (total running time 1 hour 32 minutes) which will offer further opportunities to explore the rest of the story and also use the associated short clips that come with it. However, for the purpose of this unit of work, the relevant clips can be viewed via links on the PPT presentation.

UP (Short Stories with flashbacks) is a complete unit of work (includes a scheme of work overview, assessment guidance, detailed lessons and activities, 30 slide PowerPoint and accompanying worksheets).  Lessons follow the Phase 1,2 and 3 teaching sequence and cover the related core learning objectives (see preview below).

English Teaching Resources: UP (Short Stories with Flashbacks) includes a range of varied lessons and activities throughout teaching phases one, two and three for children of all abilities:

Talk for writing - hotseating characters.

Exploring character - Carl and Ellie's diary entries.

Role on the wall activity.

Create an adventure book.

Feelings graph.

Mind mapping task.

Individual, pair and group work.

Identifying the main points in a story.

Creating a storyboard.

Writing in the third person.

Writing a short story with flashbacks.

Creating a visual text using ICT.

Cross curricular links: Geography (Venezuela) and Science (cloud formation and the water cycle)

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